Packaging cartons can also be used as toys

20171106213With this idea, Holland Eindhoven Design Institute graduates Liane Koning held recently in Holland design week, shows an unexpected toy box. The project, called Inside the Box, is to add derivative functions to the packaging of the relief materials, and make better use of the resources so that the refugees or children in the disaster area can enjoy the toys. Koning designed a total of three boxes of painting, they can remove the composition table and origami toy. 201711062102017110621120171106212 Liane Koning

Boring must hand”

20161225220Studies have shown that when people are doing repetitive boring actions, they are likely to release their pressure, such as regular ball point pen? Shake legs? Tap the table with your fingers? This box is named the Fidget Gadget before the introduction of gadgets andVery similar to a variety of small switches and small buttons integrated together, so that you can be very cool to all kinds of devastation, it is simply decompression artifact.0-290-28 KickStarter