Carbon fiber Breastplate

20170926205Mclaren created a new type of body armor – Invincible shield (invincible shield), to protect the frail chest of a billionaire after surgery. “Invincible shield” with super fiber Zylon mixture using carbon fiber, Dyneema fiber and F1, the “shield” perfectly racer’s body, and by connecting three plates and can be worn under clothing mesh cloth, it can make the driving speed racer in confidence does not have fatal chest the hurt.20170926201201709262022017092620320170926200Click here to visit the official website

Now the smallest, most professional portable flash off the lights

20170926212Rofoto A1 is perhaps the world’s smallest a flash, have exclusive built-in high capacity lithium iron battery, four times longer than the AA battery life, and performance of the natural beauty of consistent from beginning to end; the output light of the circular, as well as smooth soft shadow edges, and natural light integrated; magnetic adsorption interface built-in cabinet the plastic optical tool handling is very simple. It also has zoom function, just twist the lamp ring on the zoom ring can fine adjust the light field, and its lamp cap built-in modeling lamp, so that you press the shutter before clear picture situation.201709262102017092621120170926213Click here to visit the official website

Glass ocean

20170927227The collision between glass and stone is not just the debris scattered on the ground. Designer Eduard Locota glass works for similar products series marine again added new blood, more like directly to the prismatic section of ocean cut took over, staring impatiently one day, maybe we can find some mysterious symbols mark.20170927226201709272252017092722420170927221201709272222017092722320170927220Eduard Locota