Triangle candlestick

20171105205 This candlestick is designed to combine the aesthetic, constructional qualities of materials, form and design. The linear truss triangle holds the candle in place and the triangular geometry ensures the stability of the candlestick without any other support. Candlestick design performance is simple and modern. There are matte black candlesticks, brass, steel and copper four, each material has its own unique quality. 20171105203 20171105204 20171105206 20171105202 MOEBE

Gourd oil pot

20171105215 The blessed homophonic gourd has always been endowed with the profound concept of good fortune and abundant harvest, which is a symbol of the brand’s philosophy of adhering to tradition and respecting nature. The shape of the bottle itself is the perfect realization of the curve of the carrying function. Although the overall form has a clear traditional color, but both the form of expression and details of the show have demonstrated the modern minimalist visual style, in response to the brand positioning of young fashion. Cork handle connected to the bottle on the one hand to enhance the carrying function to achieve, but also as the crowning touch, so that the overall shape is more full, temperament is more prominent. 20171105216 20171105212 20171105214 20171105213 20171105210 20171105211

Packaging cartons can also be used as toys

20171106213With this idea, Holland Eindhoven Design Institute graduates Liane Koning held recently in Holland design week, shows an unexpected toy box. The project, called Inside the Box, is to add derivative functions to the packaging of the relief materials, and make better use of the resources so that the refugees or children in the disaster area can enjoy the toys. Koning designed a total of three boxes of painting, they can remove the composition table and origami toy. 201711062102017110621120171106212 Liane Koning