What can be the agent of the trench coat

20170215210Going out for a walk? The Airport Jacket coat can hold all luggage to travel in the inside, there are 14 big pockets, with even more different luggage more than sufficient 16, such as bag, notebook computer, clothes, charger and even high-heeled shoes, 15 kilograms of things completely no problem, design plus close fitting clipping, fashion, relaxed pose, Hold live in a variety of occasions.20170215211 Kickstarter

Privacy preserving lens switch

201702142236001JbErhFOHi45XeYVIn order to protect personal privacy, many people will choose to use stickers to seal the camera, but with the time of trouble. In order to both practical and beautiful, IS CC, known as the world’s most thin patch, only 0.7 mm thick, will not affect the opening and closing of the notebook. As long as the slide gently above the circular scribing lens switch can be set up, if the ash can also be directly removed from scratch, do not need to reinstall the patch. [Video]20170215220201702152212017021522320170215224Kickstarter

Simple desk with hidden cable

20170215232Most of the companies we see the office desk will be very clean, but the table was a scene of chaos is the kind of cable, if open the table, a little feet, the power supply may be broken. Martin Solem designed this table to hide the secret in the legs of the table, the U groove table legs can be perfectly line, with the office floor of the socket, so that the whole space more clean and bright.201702152332017021523120170215230Martin Solem

Convenient baby bath

bathpouch_02It’s not so easy to bathe a small North nose for just a few months old. This baby bathtub in simulated uterine structure, can be tilted or lie down and let the baby inside comfort mother’s care; and for large towel for mother, facilitate the child to dry the body and avoid wet clothes and children.bathpouch_01bathpouch_04bathpouch_05bathpouch_07bathpouch_03bathpouch_12bathpouch_9bathpouch_10bathpouch_11Designer: Yihao Tsai & Yu Ting Cheng