Recycled plastic bags made of backpacks

20171106201 Well-known product designer Yves Béhar partnered with San Francisco-based MAFIA, a developer of sustainable tools, to create an eco-friendly package called Deep Blue Bag for Sustainable Surf, California’s environmental nonprofit organization – blue and white Made from recycled sails, diving suits and seat belts and other “water” props, the appearance of a simple collage. There is a waterproof jacket inside the bag, so people do not have to worry about their swimwear, towels and other equipment will get wet other items. 20171106200 20171106203 20171106202 Kickstarter

Play table tennis games anytime, anywhere

20171107215 You can organize a table tennis game anytime, even without a venue. Developed by Umbra, a product design firm, Pongo’s portable ping-pong equipment includes uprights, netting, a pair of handle-fold racquets and ping-pong – just open with a flat table. Ball network can stretch up to 1.8 meters wide, ping pong ball can usually be hidden inside the column. 20171107210 20171107211 20171107212 20171107213 Buy

Innovative bucket design

medium_528b0f28601350ea8ae2fe4d37a27096 Buckets are an integral part of everyday cleaning appliances, however, traditional barrel designs have some of its problems. And WATHIELD the use of helmets mask principle, in existing buckets joined the automatic retaining structure design, the user no longer because the bucket is too large, change the angle to take water, water is no longer overflow from the bucket, effectively reduce water resources Waste, do not need to re-adapt to the product. medium_2aa12a3945d92f3d087893d9263fd912 Designer: Huang I-Nung, Shih Ming-Sheng

Do not drive drowsy hat

20171109221 For some owners who often run night trains and run long distances, fatigue driving and drowsiness are common and are the lifeblood of traffic accidents. Recently, Ford developed a user-friendly, sleepy SafeCap hat. Inside the SafeCap hat, accelerometers and gyroscopes are installed. When they sense head movements related to drowsiness, they wake up the driver by making sounds, lights and vibrations. In order to prevent the driver from making false positive judgments on the driver’s head movements, a distinction was made between the driver’s inspection of the dashboard and the driving of the rear-view mirror at the time of design, in terms of fatigue and sleepiness. 20171109222 20171109223 20171109220