Attach these modules to a Freestyle piece of music

20170704222Have you ever thought of using your body to feel the rhythm of the music? Recently, the Royal College of Art graduate studentMarie Tricaudhas called Touch wearable devices and supporting the operation of Taiwan, allows people to feel the music through the sense of touch. She will be the system vividly described as skin to create a “headset”, it is not only based on the music frequency convert them to vibration so simple: people can through the console for the color of the hexagonal separate set of different equipment vibration cycle, and even change their temperature. At present, only Touch of the prototype through the wire is connected, Tricaud hopes to eventually be able to develop a wireless version that allows artists to explore more ways of expressing music.201707042252017070422320170704224201707042202017070422120170704226 Marie Tricaud

The ultimate drawing board for each designer (28)As a designer, drawing almost occupied most of the time, in order to improve the efficiency, reduce body fatigue, the French designer Benjamin Benais has designed a folding drawing board and computer support is quite similar, can be directly brought to outdoor use. In addition to adjust the posture, the top board is also equipped with a plurality of holes and grooves for containing stationery, drawings can also be directly stored in the wood. [Video]20170704218201707042112017070421520170704217201707042122017070421620170704210Kickstarter

Invisible magnetic screw (24)Traditional wood tenon structures do not rely on glue or screws to ensure tight and seamless connections. The magnetic screw Sweden INVIS company can be hidden in the furniture inside, then outside of the rotational force applied by magnetic field, which connect the object surface, can not see the nodes and ensure the smooth shell processing marks. The nail holding power of this connection can reach 400 kilograms, and the pulling force of the main screw can reach 160 kilograms. [Video]20170628211201706282132017062821020170628212Domestic agent

A dog’s luminous ball at night (26)Star Wang love ball games, as long as the ball flew out, these guys will Pidianpidian to pick up the back, playing awfully, also easy to master. GlowThrow is a LED luminous ball that you can play in the evening, so it can be very conspicuous in the night. It also specially equipped with a rubber handle and a switch, when the switch is pressed to throw the ball, the ball can fly out, and the design of the handle can make the ball fly farther. Actually, it’s easy to use. As long as you press the handle lightly onto the ball, you can stick it on it and throw it out. [Video] (25) Kickstrter

Where there is a street light, the car can be charged

20170629213The Ubitricity can refit the street lights for only a few hundred euros. The most important is that each city street can be turned into a charging pile, the electric car owners, it is too easy, of course, this also requires municipal departments a good plan, otherwise every street will call an electric car, it seems that it is easy to cause confusion. Of course, the built-in Ubitricity meter can be customized by an electric car driver. Compared with a few years ago, the performance of smart phones has also improved a lot, the German company believes that Ubitricity can better cooperate with smart phones, so as to obtain greater flexibility. If you’re an electric car owner who happens to live in a block in London, you can apply to the neighborhood committee for a recharging point, and they will install three Ubitricity near your home. Then you can order the Ubitricity cable, plug in, and start charging. The German company did create an interesting and enjoyable charging station.201706292122017062921120170629210[click here to visit the official website]

Fresh jelly feel tableware (8)The Royal College of Art studentLina Saleh has launched a series of Bulingbu spirit shaking tableware, bowl, plate, flat dishes, with a hemispherical plate, each one is made of silicone, so full of elasticity, hemispherical plate mounted on the food, it will become a trampoline and shallow; the dishes can be directly in the hands of folding. When the diner is eating, the dishes even shake with the chopsticks and forks of the diners, forming a unique (16) (15) (17) Lina Saleh