Jump to fly?

ezgif.com-resize (22)For so many years, humans have never stopped exploring how to fly. Niko Pietrek is preparing to build a flying device called Jinker Flapping, which can be used to achieve the same way as a bird by flapping its wings. The cockpit, the rudder and the tail of the aircraft, made of carbon fiber material, as a fixed wing aircraft, can be repeated through the wings of the air flow to achieve flight effects. The reason for the use of carbon fiber material, which includes both the torsional strength, but also a certain flexibility, can be more robust to complete the flight mission. [Video]0 (1)20170402223201704022202017040222120170402222Click here for more information

Iron man suit

20170404202Iron man’s flight suit must not exist only in cartoons or movies. From the United Kingdom, Richard Browning will be more than one jet engine tied to the limbs, to achieve a sliding from the ground, the speed of success and the speed of the average person running almost. However, due to the instability of the flight as well as to maintain balance at all times, the use of the need to build a strong body to control oh.20170404201201704042002017040420720170404203201704042042017040420520170404206

Barber scissors

201704052012The well-known high-end hair tool manufacturer sukotto scissors recently launched a “Dragonfly” scissors, the fitting combines the features of high and super high quality production process, material handling and eye-catching, elegant and practical. “Dragonfly” scissors leather sheath with the first layer of leather production, the inside of the use of soft suede, comfortable, breathable and never outdated features. The leather sheath can be safely provided with two scissors scissors, and the inner side is provided with a hidden magnetic paste which is fixed at the corresponding position, and the inner part of the leather sheath is provided with an antibacterial waterproof lining, so as to achieve the best sterilization effect. The bottom of the scissors leather sheath is designed with a hinge connection, and is reinforced by a Vee Mike Launny Ron buckle. Not only that, the holster also provides multiple space for hairpins, combs and other tools, but also for the tip, driver’s license and credit card reserved cortical pocket. Also with detachable elastic leather collocation of three different length, can be matched with any size in the arms, forearm, arm and thigh can be used.2017040520620170405207201704052082017040520920170405205201704052010201704052011

The world’s first edible Nail Polish

20170405202Open our common nail polish will be able to smell a pungent taste, smell the same, not to mention the mouth. However, today, this bottle of nail polish, it can be eaten, harmless to the human body. This bottle of nail polish called “Prosecco”, from the United Kingdom, a company called Groupon to build, in order to celebrate the upcoming mother’s day and launched. “Prosecco” is actually a kind of Italy Wine, so this nail polish will have light wine, of course, it will not make you drunk. Although this bottle of nail polish can be eaten, but it still has a common warning signs of nail polish, such as it is extremely flammable, should be away from the fire. You can apply lick on the nail polish, but don’t bottle it to the “dry”.2017040520120170405200

Two way range finder for construction

20170405203VH-80 is the world’s first two-way laser rangefinder, compared with ordinary laser rangefinder, it can be measured at the same time at both ends of the launch of the laser beam, to obtain accurate measurements. It has a maximum range of 80 meters, almost equal to the length of a football field. It is common to use a tape measure to measure such a long distance that it is often necessary to measure the relay several times, and it takes only one second to use VH-80. VH-80 uses two II laser diodes to emit light beams, each beam can be measured at a distance of 40 meters, the measurement error is + – 3 mm. It weighs only 40 grams, can be easily hung on the wrist or neck, freeing hands to do more things. [Video]c81d094d53f702d8031e05c4e1d69500_original Kickstarter