Portable cosmetic bottles gather parts into a whole.

Tic is being carried out on all the chips KickStarter portable cosmetic bottle, divided into two styles, one for skin care bottles, one for bath bottles. The skin inside the bottle is provided six compartments, the lower part has four small cells, according to the need for Cleansing Cream, lotion, makeup remover, eye cream, emulsion and other skin care products, bath bottle has three lattice, can carry a shampoo, hair conditioner, liquid soap etc.. Press type design, gather parts into a whole, is very convenient to carry and use.


Assembly furniture for growing up with children

201612232210As children grow taller and wiser, some toys may be out of date facing the fate of being abandoned. GO is a set of furniture can be assembled, along with the growth of the children, like building blocks as interesting, just change the rail position, there are endless possibilities. For example, turned a small ladder, a small bench, a small basket and so on, give full play to their creativity and imagination. [Video]20161223226201612232282016122322920161223227201612232211201612232202016122322120161223222201612232232016122322420161223225SESTAVI

Electric backpack slide

20161221241Two years ago, someone invented a combination of backpack and scooter productsHowever, science and technology, has been guided by a “lazy law promote the development of science and technology”, so the COOLPEDS electric skateboard was born, it is in front of the shelf body can accommodate small size suitcase or backpack, and through the fixing device fixed on the bar car, go out stuffed clothes, go out to buy a dish of what, easy and convenient! COOLPEDS speed of 19 km \/ hour, the weight of 4.5 kg, but also folding carry oh. [Video]che220161221240KickStarter

Like invisible future headphones

Hy is all the chips on the KickStarter “stealth headset, hanging design, the main body of the Bluetooth module, battery and interface all hidden behind the ear, extending to the loudspeaker device inside the ear is very small and exquisite, outsiders can hardly see the existence of a stealth headset, like a. Using bone conduction technology to support noise reduction function, both to hear the clear audio effects, but also to hear the surrounding environment sounds. In addition to headphone function, it also built a variety of sensors, you can detect heart rate, body temperature and movement, but also gesture control, powerful.