Terminator comes! Russian robot to drive on the road

Terminator comes! Russian robot to drive on the road, Russia, a similar U.S. DARPA defense agency is developing a humanoid robot, the day before the robot driving test.

Russia’s “future research foundation” (FPI) leader Andre? Grigori Aliyev said that Russian scientists developed humanoid combat robots will learn how to run and leap over obstacles.

He pointed out that the robot is not designed to carry assault gun action, similar to the task of crawler and wheeled robots will be able to perform well.

Robot is using the test of fire extinguisher.

The plan will be used in the environment of special danger, and the situation of people in the field, you can remote control. The purpose is to allow people to be in a normal environment, the work of the dangerous zone by the robot.”

Robot for testing.

Robot hand steering wheel for driving vehicle.

Grigoriev said that the robot can be used for mine and some other dangerous high, but do not need to carry out a special fine operation of the task (the foundation did not give details).

Robot to launch vehicles, on the road.

Grigoriev said: “the fighting robot looks similar to the people, according to our plan, it should learn to run, across obstacles and complete other actions.

Robot for testing.

The use of welding and cutting tools.

The use of welding and cutting tools.

The use of welding and cutting tools.

The robot drives on the road.

A Russian Defense Agency similar to the U.S. DARPA is developing a humanoid robot, the day before the robot driving test. This is exactly like the terminator of the robot to complete the autonomy of the car, and driving the vehicle on the road.

Russian autonomous robot to board the vehicle.

A group of interesting Street color graffiti

A group of interesting Street color graffiti

This is a combination of waste materials into the birds, causing people to think of environmental protection.

The artist represents a pedestrian with gummy bears of every hue, looks humorous and interesting.

In the irregular pavement on the creation of a man’s image, exaggerated gold jewelry is full of irony.

Behind the statue is their illustration, but the relationship between the two seems to have been very different.

The huge drawing on the roof, the eyes out of the blue paint just like in the question of the society.

White hair and wrinkled old man, but still with vivid lips sucking cigarette, strong memorable picture.

With an abandoned wreck as the background, the sinking of the women in the water that desperate hands, reminiscent of the story of the titanic.

The complexity and diversity of the characters are compared with the bright colors.

Star Wars Yoda in the wall staring at it all, each passing fans certainly surprised.

Children’s eyes in the transmission of their most real emotions, looking at the eyes of you and read what?

Clever use of the structure on the corner, show the mouse presumptuous.

The green plants on the wall became the long hair of the little girl. Her big eyes were full of stories!

Far from the crowded houses are arranged in the mountains, in the brilliant colors under a mountain of a riot of colours.

On the wall of the boat seemed really true to life on the water slide, the black and white picture becomes a sharp contrast.

A beautiful girl, with a patchwork of way to show the whole face of the colorful, abstract and creative way similar.

The road signs on the crosswalk marking a staff sign is more rigid, interesting.

A bright red apple on the flat floor, like a man who had been chewed on the wall!

A sharp eyed owl stretched out his hands, like an animal’s complaint to the human world.

The rapid development of the city brings not only the tall buildings, but also the crowded traffic.

Eye-opening wonderful animal

Eye-opening wonderful animal

Mouth is connected to it?

Cat + bat?

What’s your name?

A nice cat.

Beautiful head.

A lot of people unheard of animal, first saw the photos and even think retouching synthesis, in fact, the world really have the actual existence of exotic animal. This series of shooting world rare animal photos in the public network, the neck is long African antelope to bounce the amazing magic jerboa, not let netizens long experience.

The legs like wearing half black socks.

Are you going to take off?

In the photo gerenuk eye-catching. There is no doubt that it is the longest neck in Earth’s name from the Somali antelope, giraffe’s “long” a word, they can reach the height of the leaves with long neck. At the same time, gerenuk can also stand on its hind legs using the forelegs feeding, the maximum can reach 8 feet (about 2.4 meters). In addition, they can also use big ears fan to keep cool.

What is this, koala + rabbit?

Please open your mouth and let me see your other teeth……

What kind of thing is this?

Began to feel that the white peacock, but found that the tail is not the same as the other peacock……

The foot was stained feeling……