Creative packaging hourglass milkshake

20170525242Using the sense of relaxation that people observe in the hourglass, the Poland design studio Opus B brings the concept package called Slow. As a soothing milkshake made from natural materials, the design team hopes to help slow down the pace by extending the dumping time. In addition to creating a “slow” experience, 22 combinations of bottles also play a role in encouraging sharing.2017052524020170525241Design:Opus B

The kitchen heavy machinery lifting table

this-heavy-duty-mixer-lift-lets-you-easily-access-and-hide-your-heavy-appliances-thumbMixers, toasters, juicer and so on, these heavy kitchen tools will often be placed in the corner of our cabinet, when used, but also faced with careless fall or move awkward. The use of lifting the lever principle of mechanics so cleverly solved the difficult problem, when using easily pull up to the level of position can be locked automatically and effortlessly. If you want to send it back, triggering the chopping board organs, lifting table will automatically return.heavy-duty-mixer-lift-7640heavy-duty-mixer-lift-7558heavy-duty-mixer-lift-308320170525210201705252112017052521220170525213201705252142017052521520170525216purchase

A stiff, grassy seat

20170525206Manet doesn’t look like a chair at all. Designer Marta Szymkowiak likens it to the enlarged grass. The cushion is made of long, soft polyurethane foam and has a geometric feel. The user does not pose because the cushion itself adapts to the position and passes the weight under the chair. Between the grass leaves, you can put some books, which are very convenient to take.201705252042017052520520170525207201705252092017052520020170525201201705252022017052520320170525208Further information

A house hung over a cliff

20170521215Manofactory, the Swedish construction company, has pushed housing solutions to a very radical level: do people have to build houses on the ground? Nestinbox, as the aviary, is a high ceiling light wood structure, slightly sloping roof. It has three floors, built on steel structures, with one side attached to the stone wall, and the residents from the top of the cliff to the two floor of the house. Inside the house, the central spiral staircase connects the three floors. Nestinbox has an area of 50 square meters, which meets the space standards of major cities like London and can meet the needs of 1-2 families.2017052121320170521214201705212102017052121120170521212Further information

Funny seal tape

20170521223[seal] these two words, not only in the cartoon, in real life also seems to have a kind of magic magic. If you worry someone steal your cookies, steal your computer or dismantle private letters, then use the seal tape firmly affixed to die, may really be a magic spell, guarantee that no one will easily touch them.201705212202017052122120170521222

Underwater Bionic unmanned aerial vehicle

20170521205BIKI UAV is the appearance of a shape similar to bionic fish underwater, the configuration of the infrared positioning sensor, can automatically avoid obstacles like fish that can shoot 4K video and 30fps; the 16 million pixel photography under water; under 200 feet of water, full of electricity can swim for 150 minutes.2017052120020170521201201705212022017052120320170521204[click here to visit the official website]