Hammock sleeping bag

201707062212Outdoor Vitals introduces the MummyPod sleeping bag Hammock, outdoor sleeping system, and the advantages of a warm sleeping bag and hammock, which allows you to spend the cold evenings outdoors easily. MummyPod can be split into three basic parts: a solid foundation unit, rope hammock tarpaulin and sleeping bag unit, everything can be purchased separately, MummyPod formed a complete functional sleeping bag type hammock when combined, when you only need a hammock or to separate the use function of sleeping bags.20170706220201707062212017070622220170706223201707062242017070622520170706226201707062272017070622820170706229201707062210201707062211[click here to visit the official website]

Can you brush your teeth in 10 seconds?!

201707072013 minutes is recommended by the dentist for brushing time, mainly to ensure that each tooth is adequately washed. Amabrush, similar to the athlete braces toothbrush would give it shortened to 10 seconds! In 10 seconds, all the teeth are covered and thoroughly cleaned, and removable handles at the outer end are used to provide vibration, power, and delivery of toothpaste (using special toothpaste capsules). Next time, I can’t brush my teeth without time20170707200 Kickstarter