Amazon’s original tribal people to see the face of the UAV a face of surprise

Amazon tribe, people see the UAV Jarno Mami surprised.

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported that a group of photos shows the Amazon jungle still isolated tribe, they are believed to be Mami arnold.

In the picture, a simple wooden shed with round shape is about 100 people living in a place where they wear very little, with a wooden stick, and they look at the camera with the camera.

There are about 22 thousand people to live in the form of Jarno Mami tribe similar Brazil and Venezuela border, including at least three tribes are still no contact with the outside world. They are highly susceptible to diseases brought by outsiders, so that only when their land is protected can the tribe continue to thrive.

Jarno Mami shaman and activist David? Can bonaba (Davi Kopenawa) said: “these isolated Indians live, fishing, hunting and farming areas must be protected. The whole world should know that there is such a group of people living in the tropical rain forest, should respect their right to live here.”

But they are now faced with 5000 illegal gold miners threatened, the miners may spread diseases such as malaria, the Mercury will pollute the local people’s food and water, resulting in serious health crisis. In addition, the ranch owners also invaded the territory of the survival of tribal residents.


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