Turkey, a copper mine collapse has caused 4 deaths

In November 18th, Turkey Turkey southeast of Sirte, Siirt province of a mine in the evening of 17 collapsed, killing at least 4 workers were killed and more than and 10 people were trapped.

Reported that rescue workers and ambulances rushed to the scene after the accident, there are 4 workers were killed, there are still more than 10 workers were trapped.

According to the Turkey Daoan news agency reported that the occurrence of the collapse of the copper deposit is located in the hill town in Siirt Province, landslides cause mine collapse, workers and equipment were buried in the underground mine.

The picture is on the spot.

It is reported that, due to the occurrence of landslides may, coupled with the night low temperature, search and rescue work is still difficult to carry out. Turkey prime minister’s office of disaster and emergency management office has set up an emergency team to deal with the accident.


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