Put GIF on the shoes.

20161213m202For a pair of limited edition shoes, many people are spending billions of dollars. However, in addition to the world’s only a pair of shoes, shoes are the most similar. New York independent design studio Vixole recently launched a variety of shoes, the shoes fashion models as the basic type of shoes, combined with wearable technology, make a pair of shoes every day can wear new tricks: the upper position is an electronic display, you can put the app edit pattern “transmission” to the screen, all is a dynamic display, the one and only absolute! In addition, it also supports wireless charging, charging 2 hours, 8 hours to walk; can track the number of steps, record daily activities; also has the function of navigation Oh, navigation for the internal motion, to guide you turn left or right of action; wear the same shoes meet friends, touch each other, you can exchange contact! [Video]20161213m20320161213m20420161213m205[click here for more information]


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