Accommodate more TVs

20171113227 Now that TV sets are getting narrower and narrower, designer Seongkyeong Son found out that the routers and set-top boxes near TV sets were so unpleasant that she had decided to design a TV set like a TV set , The effective storage of these devices finishing. The Maison TV has a square shape and four detachable gray feet that echo the gray speakers on the left side of the 24-inch screen. The Maison TV is 61.5 cm long, 64.5 cm high and 10 cm thick when the leg is inserted, because the thickness of the TV is so large that it has two storage spaces behind the TV to hide the wires, routers, set-top boxes and other devices Looks exceptionally clean and fresh TV. 20171113224 20171113223 20171113226 20171113225 20171113222 20171113221 20171113220 Designer: Seongkyeong Son & PDF Haus


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