UV sterilization mug

20171113235 This is a QUARTZ vacuum flask with ultraviolet disinfection function. The bottle cap contains a patented UV-C LED mercury-free UV lamp that emits UV rays with a wavelength of 280 nm and is claimed to kill in normal mode 99.9999% dead bacteria kill 99.99% of viruses in high-power mode for outdoor expeditions. The QUARTZ UV lamp automatically turns on for 60 seconds every 4 hours, which means 6 daily sterilization of the inner wall and contents. In addition, users can also open the bottle cap by touch sterilization. In addition to ultraviolet disinfection, QUARTZ also has the function of a conventional thermos flask, and in the course of use, the stainless steel liner without bisphenol A and phthalates is non-toxic and harmless, and does not produce odor. 20171113234 20171113233 201711132310 20171113239 20171113238 20171113237 20171113236 20171113232 20171113231 20171113230 Kickstarter


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