Take the shadows home with you

20170705202Designer Leslie Nooteboom misses the old house in the past. The sun shines through the low windows into the room. The shadow of the big tree is printed on the wall. The wind moves the leaves and the reflection on the wall follows. To this end, he invented a lamp Komorebi, it can simulate the dynamic nature of light, such as shadow sunshine through the leaves shining into the room on the wall, the leaves will occasionally shake, and the position of the light, color and brightness can change the sound. In fact, the desk lamp is an invisible projector. The small disk can rotate flexibly, shining light into different corners of the room and projecting different patterns. At present, Leslie Nooteboom has developed three kinds of projection patterns: one is through the wind the leaves into the room as the sun, two is the surface reflection of the sun, the wave rocking can show three mottled sunlight, distribution density and brightness of a spot will change from time to time. [Video]2017070520020170705201Leslie Nooteboom


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