Take the shadows home with you

20170705202Designer Leslie Nooteboom misses the old house in the past. The sun shines through the low windows into the room. The shadow of the big tree is printed on the wall. The wind moves the leaves and the reflection on the wall follows. To this end, he invented a lamp Komorebi, it can simulate the dynamic nature of light, such as shadow sunshine through the leaves shining into the room on the wall, the leaves will occasionally shake, and the position of the light, color and brightness can change the sound. In fact, the desk lamp is an invisible projector. The small disk can rotate flexibly, shining light into different corners of the room and projecting different patterns. At present, Leslie Nooteboom has developed three kinds of projection patterns: one is through the wind the leaves into the room as the sun, two is the surface reflection of the sun, the wave rocking can show three mottled sunlight, distribution density and brightness of a spot will change from time to time. [Video]2017070520020170705201Leslie Nooteboom

Magnetic energy non-contact type bicycle light

ezgif.com-resize (18)Before and after the Danish bicycle lighting system developers has developed the magnetic electric bicycle lamp system, installation of the system in the ride bicycle has been flashing lights, day and night to allow pedestrians or vehicles to pay more attention to you, to ride more safety. Today products are introduced in the system upgrade, the light intensity is higher, the radiation angle is wider, the farthest visible distance up to 300 meters, while the magnetic part is optimized to only the size of a coin, it only takes a few seconds to complete the installation.ezgif.com-resize (19)2017070123120170701230 Kickstarter

Four small candles will warm the whole room

20170701219We are still in the low temperature air conditioning is not too hot in summer, Xiaobian to recommend a season only named Egloo environmental protection small stove! At first glance, it looks like a ceramic ostrich egg, and its sleek appearance is very pleasing. Among them, the empty stomach can be lit on 4 small candles, it takes only five minutes to start heat dissipation, so that 20 square meters room temperature increased ten degrees, and to maintain 5 hours long Oh ~!201707012182017070121720170701216201707012152017070121020170701211201707012122017070121320170701214 Kickstarter

There is a sense of space strip is very low

swiveling-surge-protector-7073The plug wire is one of the causes of Home Furnishing out of order, and placed in the ground socket is also quite obvious security risks, such as a pot of water accidentally splashed into the lead to short-circuit, spark etc.. Therefore, we are always looking for the good method of various electrical plug safety, perfectly hidden and not go to war — the transformation based house decoration only strip may be a good choice. Can be affixed to the wall, table bottom, sofa side vertical placement, and plug the rotation to the vertical plane, very save space, and the existence of a sense of low, not pay attention to, will not find it ~!swiveling-surge-protector-6657201707012052017070120420170701201201707012032017070120220170701200purchase

Hand crafted headphones with crimp heads

20170703206The Luzli MK01 Roller headset is a handcrafted stainless steel and aluminum hybrid headset with a metal hinge structure that curls up completely and fits into a portable storage bag. The hinge features 22 separate stainless steel springs that bend from 13 angles to fit the wearer’s head. Such elaborate design is sure to be expensive, and the price of each pair of Roller MK01 is as high as $3000!2017070320720170703205

They don’t want to talk to you and threw a seductive eyes to you

ezgif.com-resize (27)Girls may think that Mascara makes their eyelashes curl up more, but f.lashes LED false eyelashes really make them the focus. F.lashes LED false eyelashes are basically a small LED light strip on the eyelids that can connect to a small motion sensing controller located behind the user’s head. The user can set the LED lights flashing frequency and speed, to show the form of different design, behavior between the full focus. [Video]20170703212201707032132017070321420170703215201707032162017070321020170703211 Kickstarter