Portable suspension pedal

ezgif.com-resize (21)Long distance flights, trains, buses are always tiring, but a simple little object can be a lot easier. Footz is more than just a “foot pack”, in fact, it is designed for each foot position, and the middle of the baffle, can well separate feet, more ergonomic. Keeping this posture is helpful in reducing back and spinal pressure, promoting blood circulation and reducing leg swelling. [Video]201705172072017051720620170517205 Kickstarter

With it, everything can be taken with one hand

20170518235If you are always in a few work meetings, you don’t have much time to stay at your desk, so you need to carry your notebook, pen, cell phone and so on. But do you need to carry a small package?. To this end, Balsara draws on the belt and some of the notebook used for the elastic, designed the “BUKUL” storage tools, so that office supplies can be neatly assembled together. [Video]201705182302017051823120170518232201705182332017051823420170518236 Kickstarter

Custom eye patches for changing positions

20170519220In order to improve sleep quality, many people choose to wear goggles to ensure that they are not disturbed by light. However, because each person’s face and position are not the same as the existing eye cannot do all-match. For this reason, a design team from the United States took more than a year to develop a modular patch called Manta. Eye part built-in memory sponge can according to the user’s need to stick at the specified location, the design fit the face ensure nose does not appear all the dead. In spite of the fully encapsulated structure, the eyelid is not compressed because the center of the eye mask is provided with a groove. [Video]201705192282017051922320170519224201705192252017051922920170519226201705192272017051922220170519221 Kickstarter

The world’s smallest underwater swimming propeller

ezgif.com-resizeA domestic venture company Sublue Tech launched a start to water propeller: Whiteshark, which both sides are equipped with a powerful propeller, on both sides of the game player only need to press the trigger button under the water, holding the middle armrest, the driving force by two powerful propeller, help you swim in the sea. Restricted by water pressure, the Whiteshark can swim only 39 meters under water, with a duration of 1 hours.ezgif.com-resize (8)2017051920120170519200Further information

The best interior decoration for replacing antlers

201705192110In some countries, animals are hung on the walls of their homes as decorative straws, but for some people it may be more terrifying and cruel”. Ukraine Kate Kuhar is an architect and plant enthusiasts, she founded the Eco Deer manual Flower brand, its products are composed of simple shapes of the wood and the tube, into the plant after like in imitation of antlers decoration, looks random and natural.20170519219201705192182017051921720170519210201705192112017051921220170519213201705192162017051921520170519214purchase