Intelligent automatic temperature control mattress

Mooring is an intelligent mattress chips on Indiegogo, which is embedded with a contactless sensor, detection and analysis of users in light sleep, deep sleep or sleep, and adjust the temperature automatically according to the need to maintain a comfortable sleep state. Double mattress can be personalized temperature control, set the alarm clock about half an hour before the temperature will rise, prompting the user to enter the shallow sleep period, and issued a gentle vibration, so that it is no longer difficult to get up.

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BanaPen on a banana

2_45In 2016 the flow of the “pen” estimate is ApplePen, and in 2017, the Japan Food Corporation launched Banapen Dole, this is the first pen special paint on the bananas on the market, using the acidification principle of vinegar, pens will emerge characters or patterns, natural non-toxic, wrong to eat bananas. Don’t waste it. [Video]1_70

One Handed Shoelace (1)It’s a lot of trouble to carry, especially for high – quality canvas shoes or sports shoes. QuickShoeLace single hand shoelaces designed to liberate people’s hands, but not losing fashion. This set consists of two shoe laces and four spikes, with no special way, only to lose in the final end of excess shoelace knot, set in spikes; while the shoes hole is used to fix the small hook, the buckle is fixed. Usually the hand has been able to tie shoes slippers down, very convenient. [Video]2017011823420170118233 Kickstarter

Active heating scarf

20170118225Taiwan design team HOMI Creations research and development of SUSTAIN fever scarf built-in 0.05 mm patent heating film, through the button can be switched between 42 degrees and 46 degrees of the model. Heating film has the characteristics of constant temperature and waterproof, in order to ensure safety, the team designed a 60 minute automatic power off function. In the way of wearing scarves, using simple magnetic suction fixing method can adjust the position, as long as gently touch. In addition, it is also equipped with a detachable cap, housed in a scarf when hardly feel its existence.20170118224201701182262017011822720170118228Click here for more information