“Programmable” smart paper

ezgif-com-resize-23MIT Media Lab recently created an innovative product aeroMorph, which is a programmable paper, composed of a number of plastic and woven, with a free folding inflatable structure. The biggest characteristic lies in the characteristics of free conversion has the material structure, is of great significance to the development of interactive wearable technology, and this is similar to the 3D printing skill but also widely used in children’s toys and Home Furnishing design field, has the very big development potential.20161220230[visit this official website]

Rechargeable intelligent shoe pad

Cold winter, warm start from the feet. +Winter is a smart insole is carried out on the KickStarter chips, built-in heating batteries, supporting the use of App, through intelligent mobile phone according to their own needs to easily control the heating temperature, convenient and thoughtful. The use of comfortable materials made, the thinnest place is only 2mm, the thickest place is only 6mm, plus ergonomic design, will not affect the comfort of shoes.


Economy class can also sleep on a good sleep

ezgif-com-resize-24Regardless of which airline, economy class always price and comfort can not coexist, especially the length of travel, will be more uncomfortable. PowerSiesta is a table board, just a few seconds can be simply assembled, placed on the table board can serve as a cushion pillow, let your head and neck to a more natural position side. Fold up only 2.5cm thick, heavy 0.3KG, does not occupy the place, called artifact. [Video]201612212322016122123020161221231 Kickstarter

Safety tool for children

20161220202If the children fell in love with vegetable cooking, parents must tread on air. Opinel Le Petit has not yet mastered the skills of children adept cutting designed a set of security tools, including cutter ring peeler, and round with a ring and a supporting ring the fingerboard, especially for the placement of the index finger, to improve grip strength and slip.2016122020120161220200purchase

Go back to your childhood Mini Arcade

0Tiny Arcade is a palm sized Mini arcade, equipped with OLED color screen fine, just need to download storage love game to the SD card, and then insert the SD card Tiny Arcade Mini arcade. It has a built-in speaker and lithium battery charging circuit, also equipped with USB socket connection to support data line. Ordinary version price 521 yuan, hardcover HD version requires $1042. [Video]201612202212016122022020161220222Kickstarter

Backpack can be turned into a music stand

STAND KABAN is a can in 30 seconds easily turned into music Rack backpack, bag can receive music and drumsticks, very suitable for learning and practicing instruments. Material for polyester, both lightweight and durability, but also waterproof. In addition to music stand, but also temporary as a small table, computer desk or make-up table to use it.

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Put GIF on the shoes.

20161213m202For a pair of limited edition shoes, many people are spending billions of dollars. However, in addition to the world’s only a pair of shoes, shoes are the most similar. New York independent design studio Vixole recently launched a variety of shoes, the shoes fashion models as the basic type of shoes, combined with wearable technology, make a pair of shoes every day can wear new tricks: the upper position is an electronic display, you can put the app edit pattern “transmission” to the screen, all is a dynamic display, the one and only absolute! In addition, it also supports wireless charging, charging 2 hours, 8 hours to walk; can track the number of steps, record daily activities; also has the function of navigation Oh, navigation for the internal motion, to guide you turn left or right of action; wear the same shoes meet friends, touch each other, you can exchange contact! [Video]20161213m20320161213m20420161213m205[click here for more information]